This Website was intended to assist the Homeowners'
in keeping informed and in touch.   The Board (The then HOA President) decided to use another website platform in ~Jan.  2008.
Jack B. Nason

This area provides the homeowner with general historical information about the area and Canoa Ranch/Canoa  Northwest HOA.
Just general information ...... plus a general locator map.
This area provides local course contact information as well as a comment about the course..... plus a general locator map.
Just general information ......Not active
Just general information in three sections ....
.. plus a general locator map.
A general map with driving instructions to Canoa Ranch.
This area has general information about the Canoa Ranch developments.
2005   as of January 19, 2005   the Homeowners tookover the HOA
A general map of the Green Valley area.
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2004   through January 18, 2005
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1-2008  through  7-15-2011   Note:  Not used as official website as of 1-2008.
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